"Pepper is AWEsome. I've worked with her for many years. There isn’t anyone like her and nothing else compares. The best."
L.S., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


"Thank you for giving me some of the best advice I have ever received. I still refer to it. I will never forget it or you."
L.H. Los Angeles, CA


"Pepper has a genuine love for life and people; something about her feels familiar and comforting. She has a natural gift for communication – her words are articulate and specific, intuitive and deeply attuned. Don’t be fooled by her charming and innocent demeanor or her gentle approach – she is a wise old soul who rarely misses an opportunity to make a difference."
D.B., Mumbai, India


"Your guidance, wisdom and honesty continue to move me. As a teacher, I look to you as one of the great ones. Your intuitive nature and personal warmth surround everything you do and touch. I have marveled at your patience and understanding. I can recognize what I am still missing by watching you. Thank you for setting such a fine example."
A.N., Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada


"Always an original thinker, Pepper is a catalyst who naturally triggers creativity in others. On more than one occasion she has made what seemed like a casual comment that completely changed my thinking. But it is her kindness that has made the biggest impact on my life. She truly leads by example and I am a better person for it."
J.B., Lynden, WA


"Pepper is the person I have learned the most from thus far in my life. I will always be greatly inspired and initiated by her words. I hope to build an entire library of her work over my lifetime."
J P., Queensland, Australia


"When I listen to Pepper I feel soothed and unburdened. Like a warm fireplace, she radiates the fullness of life. When I read Pepper’s words I feel embraced and supported. I always learn something new or remember something I had forgotten."
D.D., San Diego, CA


"In this century you did the Impossible for me – you discovered me and gave me wings! I wanted to tell you sincere THANKS!"
V.P., Moscow, Russia


"Pepper is one of the most effortless and effective teachers I have ever met. She uses humor and intelligence to transmit a deeper message that can truly change your life."
T. T., Madison WI


"There are only a few people I have turned to over and over to help make sense of this crazy world. Pepper Lewis is one of them. Her real-life insights are both gentle fierce in equal measure. If you are willing to be honest with yourself, she can help you transform your life."
B.P., Berne, Switzerland


"Pepper helped me to gain trust in my (less than perfect) path. She is a beautiful human who genuinely cares about people. I am always moved in a heartfelt way when I listen to her passion for humanity and the earth."
K.F., High Springs, FL