Gaia's Message to the World, circa 2012

Updated: May 12

The next years are dedicated to your further awakening, to the resilient and relentless pursuit of truth. You have undertaken the mundane in hopes of the miraculous. You have the scars to prove it. Use these experiences as a foothold for what comes next. Free will allows you to choose your next steps rather than having them chosen for you. Heed the signs.Take time to consider the possibilities. It is sometimes better to await more favorable conditions from the comfort of a plateau than to risk an early ascent.

The three most often asked questions are, Who Am I? Why am I Here? What is my Purpose? To these I will add a fourth. Do I Matter? We will explore these questions from a variety of perspectives and continue to answer them until you are saturated with knowing.

As a human being, you are hardwired to attain knowledge through personal experience, especially when a subject vexes you in the extreme.

You are living in surprising and unfamiliar times, delightful in some ways and frightening in others. Thinking people are beginning to realize that conditions have reached a critical level. Few are prepared to look beyond this time, or to search for solutions that serve more than the upper echelons. The current world is rapidly breaking apart. A new world urges you forward, demands your attention. Worlds, like days, tend to overlap.

At some point, the decline and potential downfall of culture and society will become apparent. Then must your knowledge and memory not fail you. Listen for the voice that speaks to you directly, an appeal to the deeper aspects of your being. Do not rely on a shallow world that brings filtered half-truths when you have access to more.

Allow your imagination to stoke the spiritual bonfire that was born before now. Remember a time when you felt deeply. Observe the sparks still at work. The world can yet pivot in a new direction. The midnight sky is dark, yet the light continues to shine.

Life is linear and dimensional, horizontal and vertical, yesterday and tomorrow. Your lives are numerous and your experiences unique. Eventually you will discover that you have always been cause and creator; guilty of nothing, unable to harm yourself or others.

The timeless principles that created this universe are unerring. There have been no mistakes. The same wisdom that designs worlds encourages their modification. You can transform this world if you do not turn your back on it. You belong here. You belong everywhere.

Leave behind the schoolhouse zeal of searching out a solitary reason for being. Cherish these days for they are the last before the first. Do not be blinded by too little light. Lean into the wind and listen to its secrets.

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