Personal Sessions


My favorite teacher often said, "life is long but time is short."


It is my pleasure to offer personal sessions, when available,

to help deepen, stabilize, and expand your experience.

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Personal Sessions

Single Consultation

Although principles of integrity, spirituality, and mindful living are clear and straight-forward, applying them to our unique circumstances is not easy.

​A private session will help you discover what you are here to appreciate, let go of, find meaning in, or resolve. They provide guidance and support at critical junctures in your life journey, including exploring challenges that may be too sensitive to bring up in other environments.

Hour-long personal sessions are intimate, therapeutic and in-depth. Timing can usually be adapted to suit your needs. Use the Contact form to inquire about availability.

“My intuitive approach is rooted in the heart of Nature, Anima Mundi. I use images, metaphors, insights and energies to guide us to the heart of an issue or question. Throughout this landscape, Nature’s wise perspective is our constant companion.”


Four-Seasonal Consultations

We are influenced, sometimes significantly, by natural characteristics such as: weather, geo-physical position on the earth, the amount of natural sunlight we receive, the position of the stars & planets, and the many seasons of our life.

Four seasonal (progressive) sessions, near the Spring and Fall Equinoxes and the Summer and Winter Solstices, assist you to remain in harmony with Nature’s pivotal turning points throughout each cycle of an entire year.

Each half-hour consultation offers a reflective pause-point – a time to consider what has shifted during the past three months – and to look ahead through the lens of Nature. You will be invited to write a brief summary of your experience before each session. Based on your input, we will explore creative possibilities or new directions.

“Our life-journey is a part of Nature’s story. Simple or complex, we are weavers of paths and patterns, each a unique story that can only be told by us.”



Six-Mentorship Consultations


Turnsole Wisdom is a personal mentorship program that provides instruction, support, and resources to help you cultivate and deepen your own transcendent abilities. Using a non-traditional approach, you will be enlivened from within, and encouraged to develop and reveal your natural skills.

Each of us has a distinctly unique way of expressing what we know in the world. Although our true nature is loving and wise, it can also be elusive. Learning to call on and trust our natural wisdom is the key. Together, we can consider specific areas for you to focus your creativity and resources on, as well as identify issues that could be blocking your inner knowing.

Over the course of several sessions we will concentrate on skills that can later be applied to a variety of situations. Developing these skills implies a commitment to personal growth. If this approach resonates with you, you will find the practical exercises and short assignments helpful and healing. You will discover a broad range of skills that will continue to deepen throughout your life.

Turnsole Wisdom Mentorship includes six hour-long sessions. Four to six weeks between sessions is recommended. We will meet via a private Zoom Conference Room using high resolution video (bandwidth permitting). The sessions will be recorded and stored until they have been safely downloaded by you.

“Mentorship sessions increase integrity, elevate compassion, and command honesty. They will awaken the more-than-human being that dwells within and without.”


A delightful client I knew over many years called her sessions with me sanctuary moments. She was always eager to discover what challenges lay ahead and never missed an opportunity to grow, even when it seemed that life asked too much of her.

Sadly, she is no longer with us, but over the years we solved or absolved almost every situation and person she had ever known. Near the end of her awakened life she was a beautiful reflection of inner beauty. I think of her often as she is a sweet reminder of what is possible. ~ Pepper




Language of Big Nature

A hybrid class, through January-February, 2022

Big Nature is Great Nature, Mighty Nature, and Original Nature.


Big Nature is Essence, or Essential Nature. It is the dimension of Nature that is ever-living. That is its quality. It cannot be extinguished.


We probably know that intuitively, but we don’t experience it because we have created a gulf between the seen and unseen, believing that what we cannot see must not exist.


Big Nature is creative, enlivening principle of every aspect of Nature – animal, vegetable, mineral, human.


It is the animating principle that moves through Nature. That is its activity. It is enlivening. We could say that it is greening.


Gaia, as we tend to call the sentience of the planet Earth, is the sustaining force. The earth’s sentience carries out the work of the animating principle. So Gaia supports the elements and the kingdoms, and their activities.


Gaia is creativity, progress, change, amendment, destruction, and restoration. These are all creative forces that sustain the animating, or enlivening principle; the Animus or Spirit of the Earth.


Big Nature and Gaia are not the same, yet they are. They are Principle and Law, enlivening and sustaining. Together, they are Anima Mundi, the Spirit and Face of the Earth.


The Earth travels with the other gods, or celestial bodies, as we call them today. The Earth is a planet of growth. It is associated with chaos and complexity.


We experience the Earth as a school of sorts, a puzzle to solve, or maybe a maze we must find our way through. Each of us in our own way, are searching for the key that unlocks or solves the Mystery of Life. And Gaia helps us do that.


The Language of Big Nature is as old as we are. But we like to think of ourselves as advanced or modern now, so we are forgetting the old ways at a faster pace than ever before.

Email me for information on joining this class, beginning in January, 2022


Mentorship – the enriching counsel of a trusted elder and friend – is a rare gift.