Planet and Moon
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Spirituality: A Simple Word
What is Spirituality? The answer should be simple, or is it? What does it mean when we say, "I'm Spiritual but not Religious?"
Starting 2019 with your questions -- How can we remove or repair blockages -- Are natural disasters & earth changes the result of negative human activity -- Must we be able to love ourselves
before we can know real love?
An exploration of reincarnation, rebirth, and life in-between physical lives. No hard concepts or beliefs here -- a gentle look at the
possibilities through the eyes of eastern and western traditions
and spiritual perspectives.
Do you have homesickness or farsickness? At least a few times during our lives we may experience feelings of missing a home...
Part 1 of 3. A video chat recorded for my friends in South America, along with my friend Pablo Buchner. (SPANISH)
Just an echo's breath away from our physical heart
lies the Spiritual Heart, Hridaya.
How do we know when we are being our true authentic selves...