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Beloved by many, Pepper Lewis is often called a wise woman of the earth. Pepper is the author of five books, dozens of media programs, and a rich legacy of work in the field of personal development.


Pepper is widely recognized for her contribution to the redefinition of contemporary spiritual life. Her wisdom is refreshing, accessible and relevant.


Personal Sessions

Our life journey on earth is precious and time-sensitive. It is my pleasure to offer a limited number of private sessions, when available, to help you
deepen, stabilize, and expand your life journey.
Classes &Workshops

Online classes and In-Person workshops increase our ability to remain awake and open-hearted in our drowsy and distracted world. A new selection of timely, practical, and inspiring subjects begins this fall.


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For questions, comments, or to connect on a more personal level please use this form. I read and respond to my own email, usually within 48 hours. I live in Bend, Oregon USA and work globally.

Thank you for connecting!


The heart is sacred & love is precious. To erase either is to erase a star from the sky.

- Gaia